Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Facebook Adventures

As an attempt to entertain/distract the kids here, I was showing them my Facebook profile pictures and having them guess where I was in the picture. (Desperate times call for desperate measures). Here are some conversations/comments:

"You look so much taller in America!"
"I thought it was impossible to be shorter than you."

About Michael:

Emmanuel: Who is that man?
Me: That's my boyfriend, Michael.
Selah: He looks awesome! He's got coooool sunglasses!

About Shun:

Selah: That guy looks Chinese!
Me: He's Japanese, so you're close.
Selah: His name is Japan?!

About my dad:

Emmanuel: Who is that?
Me: That's my dad.
Emmanuel: How old is he?
Me: He's 75 in this picture, I think.
Emmanuel: He doesn't look 75. He looks fifty....nine.

About Kim:
Selah: That girl looks Chinese!
Me: Well, you're right this time.

Also about Kim:
This picture, specifically.

Joshua: Who's that?
Me: That's my roommate again.
Emmanuel: What's wrong with her?
Me: It was her birthday.
Selah: Why is she sad about that? Birthdays are fun!

About Grace:

Every kid ever: YOU GUYS LOOK THE SAME.

About me:
Enoch: That's not you!
Me: It's totally me! That's my name on the coffee cup!
Selah: Why would you do that?!

Granted, this may have been funnier in person. But it's still pretty funny.

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